Community Ministries

On the second Sunday of certain months, St Patrick’s sponsors Coffee and Donuts after Mass for visitors and parishioners. It’s always a good time of fellowship and chatter. Catch up on what’s happening at St. Pats! Oh, and did I mention donuts? If you would be interested in hosting or serving at this event, please call the parish office.
Yearly in March, St Patrick’s celebrates St. Paddy’s Day in a big way! And in early November, our parishioners offer a chicken noodle dinner to the parish and public. Please contact the parish office or talk to Sue Strauman to help in a big or small way. All hands need to be on deck for these reach-out events and your call will be most appreciated.

The Mother Theresa Society is a group St. Patrick’s parishioners who volunteer to serve our community. We come together with compassion and joy to share the love of Christ, helping others in a multitude of ways. We have painted shutters, moved refrigerators, cleaned up yards and assisted the elderly or shut-in with tasks that are too cumbersome and even provided transportation to appointments.

Do you have a need that we can help with? Contact the Parish Office to request service or volunteer to assist.

Presently, there are no small groups set up.  Currently, Father is working on setting up a group for young couples in the Parish that would meet once a month on a Friday or weekend evening – Please let us know if you are interested.

Previously, we have had have groups discuss books or Sunday readings.  We also had a group study on social justice which employed sacred scripture, prayers, discussion, readings and reflections and Church teaching.  Groups can be formal or informal.

If you are interested in leading or joining a group please let us know.

Everyone wants to feel welcomed, loved and supported in a Christian community! We want to foster a welcoming spirit to our guests. The Welcome Committee hasn’t been formed yet, but looks to be. Currently a coordinator for this important committee is needed. It helps the Pastor introduce himself and parish ministries to newcomers, and puts them at ease in a family-style dinner event. Held periodically, the Welcome Dinner is open to new families at St Patrick’s and held, depending on numbers, at the rectory or in the Parish Hall. If you would like to help, contact our parish office, or speak to Fr. David.