Worship Ministries

To offer a Mass for anyone living or deceased, please drop an envelope into the basket with $10 stating your intention and we will do our best to coordinate to get your Mass said at the appropriate time.
Altar Servers serve by assisting the priest and deacons at Mass with the Liturgy and Eucharist. Children may begin serving at age 10. Please encourage your children to assist. Older servers are also very welcome. If you or your child are interested in serving, please phone the parish office.
Eucharistic Ministers assist with the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass. Volunteers must be practicing and supporting members of the parish and must be trained. They may also assist in bringing the Eucharist to the sick. This ministry is coordinated through the parish office. Please call the parish office if you are interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister.
Eucharistic Ministers serve by bringing communion to parishioners who reside in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or in their own homes and unable to get to church. They also may assist the priest in distributing the Eucharist at Mass. If you wish to consider this ministry, please contact the parish office.
Practicing parishioners who are in good standing and have clear voices are welcome to speak with Fr. David about proclaiming God’s word for daily and weekly Masses.
Currently St. Patrick’s does not have a regular Sunday Choir. However, a Choir is assembled for Easter and Christmas. If you are interested in coordinating a weekly choir, please contact Fr. David or the parish office. We would love to have you! New cantors, choir members and instrumentalists are always welcome from the age of 12 and up. You do not need to have a solo voice to sing; just have the desire to sing God’s praise!